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We will take Immediate action to have the Revenue Agent release the Levy and return funds to pay bills and/or keep the business open


The loss of income and the “Dreadful Stares” from co-workers can be eliminated during negotiations with the tax authorities.


Contact us immediately. We will represent you at any conference that may be required


There are several procedures available to receive reduction or elimination of Tax Penalties. We know which avenues will best assist your request.


“I/We are so glad we met you,” or “ I/We feel better already” are the responses I have received from 95 out of 100 clients who came to me with unfiled tax returns and unpaid assessed taxes.


We will identify and submit the payment plan suited to your circumstances. A simple Installment Payment Plan works in many cases. However, Tax Debt Forgiveness may be the best Option for you. The number of Offers In Compromise accepted by the IRS have declined in recent years reflecting a tightening of its requirements. Don’t try submitting one on your own.


We can provide bookkeeping services to get the Delinquent Sales Tax Returns prepared. We will help in determining the taxability of your Sales Items. We have been successful in obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds and withdrawal of assessed Sales Taxes.


Contact us immediately so we may assist in the gathering of documentation and in responding to all communications with the Tax Auditors. The Burden of Proof is on you, not the Tax Auditor. The only successful defense against an audit is effective preparation and documentation. For varying reasons, some Tax Auditors enjoy making the audit as difficult as possible. Knowing how to you use their “play book” against them can bring relief from such unrelenting Tax Auditors.


If at first you don’t succeed, APPEAL! We will take a bad decision to any one of the ‘second look processes offered by the IRS. We know which avenues to pursue to get a better conclusion. Options available include Group Manager Conference, Fast Track Mediation, Appeals, Fast Track Settlement, Taxpayer Advocate, Congressional Referral.


Did your business fail to “turn over” Social Security, Medicare and Income Taxes to the appropriate tax agency? If so, you, the Bookkeeper, other officers, Directors, shareholders and even your Banker could be assessed The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty in the amount of the missing taxes. Don’t try to negotiate away the penalty on your won. Call us and we will prepare the necessary arguments to prevent the Penalty from being assessed.


No, I don’t bundle Tax Resolution Services with Apple TV, Sling or any other entertainment platform

I do bundle the following:

  • In depth Knowledge of the IRS tax code and the Internal Revenue Manual accumulated over the past 17 years with
  • Understanding the mindset, character and work habits of the antagonist government agency worker with
  • 35 years of experience in problem solving and risk avoidance in publicly and privately owned financial institutions at the “C” Level with
  • Empathy towards each client as they suffer negative emotions because of their tax problems with
  • My obsession about telling each client the truth even if they don’t want to hear it (some don’t) with
  • My passion for solving al kinds of financial problems. Really, I love solving Tax Problems.

If you are wondering about how to fix a tax problem, give us a call. We are pleased to chat with you for an hour or so to assess your problems at no cost to you. Every Tax Problem can be resolved. Just check out the brief list of successes below.

Joan Contractor $125,000 Trust Fund Penalty, Paid $0
Mark Entrepreneur $144,000 WI Sales Tax, paid $0
George Business Owner Original Tax Debt of $57,000 reduced to $7,200 after we ammended 3 years tax returns which were subjected to audit by the IRS and the WI DOR
Christine Wife $15,000 of Innocent Spouse relief granted
Stephanie Business Owner $86,000 Reasonable Compensation Claim by IRS resolved for $6235
James Retired Real Estate Owner $3839 Levy released and 5 years delinquent tax returns filed
Noemi Real Estate Agent 9 years unfiled tax returns and $218,871 tax debt settled for $3,723
Gloria Retired Hairstylist Stopped Levy on her Social Security payments, $18,912 tax debt classified Currently Not Collectible (the IRS stops collection action)
Kimberly Widow of Retailer Successfully Appealed federal and WI Trust Fund Penalties and provided consulting services in liquidation of retail business
Ed Retired Small Business owner $60,000 combined federal and WI income taxes eliminated through extensive investigation of erroneous IRS Form 1099-B issued by Trust Company and amended tax returns
Jose Disabled Taxpayer $2,275 abatement of IRS penalties and $42,742 of WI debt forgiven
Mike Retail Business owner Settled IRS Tax debt of $100,119 for $3275 and Wi Tax Debt of$245,255 for $16,877
Lawrence Former Business owner 9 years unpaid IRS taxes totaling $109,191 resolved for $12,730
Brian Part owner in real estate Facilitated sale of Property by securing IRS Lien release
Linton Employee Settled $12,695 of IRS Tax Debt for $1,450
Hundreds More + + + All Types + + + $Millions More + + +

My Background +++

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Northern Illinois University; Served in “C” Level positions at Publicly and Privately Owned Commercial Banks and later , Consulted with numerous Mid-west Commercial Banks undergoing severe capital and/or regulatory constraints; served as Court Appointed Trustee in several Wisconsin cases; operated a $5Million Commercial Sawmill in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, established my Tax Practice in 2004 and focused upon Tax Problem Resolution in 2008, all in addition to marrying once and raising 5 children who still love their father. I, as you might have guessed, am a Licensed Private Pilot and have enjoyed trips locally and cross country. Today most of my flying is done in the Hangar!

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