Wage Garnishment

cheese-graterWage garnishments cause devastating effects upon your personal financial budget. With 50% less take home pay there is no way you can orderly mange you personal budget and timely meet all your other obligations. This in turn creates more tension between you and your other creditors. Then there is the tension and doubt between you and your employer. Do you really want to have that “call to the front office” to discuss your tax problems?


You are in this Problem because you didn’t file a tax return or you didn’t pay the tax and you have been uncooperative with the tax agency. Guess how receptive the tax agency will be when you call up and cry about how unfair the Garnishment is. They WON’T BE!

You need someone to negotiate for you. This is how it works: 1) show the tax agencies good faith by hiring a qualified tax representative (OK that would be ME) to help you come into compliance, 2) I contact the tax agency and present a plan to solve the underlying problem (remember the missing returns and the unanswered requests for information), 3) negotiate a reduction or elimination of the Garnishment. The government wants its paper and its money. Once we show that we are fully committed and fully capable of providing both, it will grant reasonable time to accomplish its objective.

It’s never to late to start unwinding the Garnishment. Call me now!


Wage Garnishments – Payment Plans are Better

Payment plans are, in most case, much preferable to IRS wage garnishment. It eliminates the involvement of your employer, protects your privacy, and removes the embarrassment.

Remember: the IRS wants their money. But they are willing to get it over a time as long as you take the initiative to work with them on a payment plan.