• I received so many advertisements for Tax Help I wasn’t sure where to turn. Then I got your letter Bob. You are located right here in Southeastern Wisconsin. That did it for me. Thanks for your help getting me caught up and for your good sense of humor.

  • Now I know what a “Good Neighbor” really means. It wasn’t until you got all my unfiled tax returns caught up that I learned we lived in the same town. Thank you Bob for all the friendly help and for the RELIEF from those old tax problems

  • The threats of Federal Tax Liens and Levies from the IRS  had me quite upset and were leading me to dire straits. Your “creative” finacial advice and tax strategy turned my situation around completely. I now have a payment program that works for me and the government; I can laugh during the day;  and I sleep soundly at night. I am glad I found you Bob. Thanks for your help.

  • Mr. Bob Fahey, Le agradezco su pacencia durantes estos años que me he estado ayudando en resolvar mis problemas con mis taxas/impuestos. Su apoyo y consejos me han ayudado mucho en mantener de nuevo mis financias en orden. THANKS AGAIN FOR GUIDING ME AND HELPING ME. Gracias de nuevo por guiarme y ayudarme. Lo recomendaria a toda mi familia , amigos y seres quieridos. Muchas Gracias! Sinceramente

    Walworth County, WI
  • Bob, When S and I initially came to your office we were devastated by the loss of our IRA funds and the $50,000 in claims by the IRS and the Wisconsin DOR. On the way home that day, we both agreed that we had found the right person to help us. Your professionalism and great sense of humor put us at ease immediately. I have told so many people how you were able to find all the old missing records, get those bank trust officers to help us and have the IRS and the DOR remove their claims was a mystery to us. Thanks gain Bob for all that you did.

    E & S
  • Running my business was tough enough. I didn’t think it would be harder to close my business. I was really shocked when 2 years after I closed my business I started getting demands for payment from the IRS, Wisconsin DOR and the WI Department of Workforce Development. I am so glad that my wife and I met with you. You were quickly able to understand what the demands were all about and gave us a work plan to resolve them. The best part is the way you treated us with respect and made us feel better. You even made us laugh. Thanks to you, the governments were happy with our paper work and we settled the money demands fairly.

    David B.
  • For quite a while it seemed like we would never be able to retire in peace. The IRS and the Wisconsin DOR levied our bank accounts and garnished our wages. Compounding our tax problems were the health issues Ron and I were experiencing at that time. It was such a great relief when we first met with you. You were quick to calm our fears and assure us that a satisfactory resolution of our tax problems could be found. You set out a detailed plan and gave Ron, me and my daughter tasks to perform. We were all relieved when the IRS accepted our offer of $1600 in settlement of the $68,000 and the DOR accepted the $4,000 offer in settlement of the $24,000 they had demanded. I look forward to visiting with you each year at tax time. Thanks for all you did for us.

    Carol and Ron
  • Bob Thank you for getting me caught up with all of my income tax filings. It is such a relief to know the tax man is not calling me anymore. Thanks to your assistants who worked through my messy files and got my tax information in order. Next time you are in town stop by the farm.

    Farmer Dane County
  • Bob - Jean and I were so amazed at how relieved we felt that day we met to discuss our payroll tax problems. In short order you gave us a plan and put it in motion. You helped us prepare back tax returns and get them filed. You were able to defeat the IRS claims against us for personal liability using the IRS rule book. We will always be grateful to you for your technical knowledge and more importantly, your friendly demeanor and trustworthy professionalism.

    West Bend, WI
  • All the returns were filed and the numbers were recalculated. The Department of Revenue sent us a few refund checks today. So glad this is finally behind us. Thank you for all your help with this. We really appreciate i!

    Nan & Bill
  • Thank you Bob for guiding us through the rough patches we encountered in closing our business. I remember how relieved we were after we left your office the first day we met. All the tax forms and issues were overwhelming and we knew that we were in good hands. We look forward to your continued advice and occasional funny stories, in all of our family tax matters . Thanks again

    Mukwonago WI
  • Linda & I are forever grateful to you for helping us solve the income and sales tax problems we encountered as a result of closing our used car sales business. It was a very trying time for us emotionally as well as financially, with over $250,000 of taxes owed. You helped keep our sprits up and gave us hope for an eventual recovery. Settling our problems for $20,000 was a good start to our recovery. Thanks again for your personal touch, expertise and good humor.

    Mike & Linda
    Milwaukee, WI