Tax Solutions

Of the hundreds of clients I have served over recent years, every one of them has expressed how STESSFULL THEIR LIVES HAVE BEEN AS A RESULT OF THEIR TAX PROBLEMS. The constant threat of Levy, Garnishment, and “taking of property” result in great anxiety and stress among family members and business partners.  Each and every client has also told me how greatly relieved they were that very first day we met and formulated a plan to resolve their particular tax problem.  The concept is so simple. Get a Real Pro involved. Let the Pro identify the tax problem and develop a specific plan to resolve it. Every TAX PROBLEM CAN BE RESOLVED!

The only hard part is understanding the arcane language which makes up most of the tax laws and is nearly impossible for the average person to understand, much less use to fight back against tax agency threats and confiscation. So “stop the pain”. Call now for instant relief

Offer In Compromise

You may not have to pay the taxes you currently owe. The government did away with debtor prisons along time ago and realizes that some repayment is better than none.

If your financial condition meets the newly-liberalized standards set by the IRS, you may be able to settle your debt for a fraction of the amount owed with an Offer in Compromise.

Of course if it were easy to tell whether your particular set of facts qualified for relief under an Offer In Compromise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Qualifying for relief is one thing,  convincing the IRS is another. You must have a well presented and factually strong case to win over the tax examiners. We will assist you in gathering all of the needed data and supporting documents. We will then prepare and file your case materials and negotiate with the examiners. In those cases where we do not get relief at the first level we will take your case to Appeals Division and seek relief there. We will not quit until you have all of the relief available to you.

Installment Payment Plans

In some cases, the taxpayer’s financial condition does not meet the newly-liberalized standards set for forgiveness under an Offer of Compromise. In these instances, it is beneficial to negotiate an Installment Payment Plan over an extended period of time.

An Installment Payment Agreement is a contract between the taxpayer and the IRS or the Department of Revenue that provides for the gradual payment of outstanding tax debts. The payment terms are custom fit to the taxpayer’s individual financial circumstances. We will conduct a financial analysis for the purpose of determining the tax payment amounts that will be accepted by the tax agencies and that will prevent the taxpayer from losing all control of his/her financial life. We will submit  the request and negotiate with the tax examiners as appropriate. We have helped many taxpayers get back on the track to financial stability by negotiating Installment Payment Agreements with the IRS and the DOR.


Don’t be fooled in to thinking that filing a bankruptcy proceeding will automatically result in the dismissal of your tax obligations.

Civil penalties cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy.

Income taxes may be dismissed depending upon a complex set of circumstances. An evaluation of those circumstances often leads to the dismissal of Income Tax liabilities in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Innocent Spouse Relief

All too often spouses find themselves the victims of fraud perpetrated by their husband or wife. In cases where it can be demonstrably proven that a spouse qualifies for special consideration under the Innocent Spouse Relief guidelines, the result can be mitigation of all or substantially all tax liability.

That is no easy trick to accomplish. There are very specific and complex rules that apply to such relief and require an understanding of the actual facts and the different type of relief that is available.

  • Innocent Spouse relief can completely absolve a spouse of tax liability but is difficult to prove.
  • Separation of Liability can result in reallocating the total tax liability to each spouse in a pro rata fashion.
  • Equitable Relief may be available to an injured spouse if he/she can convince the IRS that it would be grossly unfair to hold that spouse liable. This relief  requires the right facts and great skills in argument and persuasion.

Penalty Abatement

In most cases the actual tax is only one half of what is owed to the IRS or the DOR. Penalties and interest add up quickly and often account for 50% of the total debt. Believe it or not, both the IRS and the DOR have a “heart” albeit not a large one. It is possible in many cases to convince the tax agencies to remove Penalties, and in the case of the DOR lower the interest rate. We have successfully negotiated penalty and interest rate abatements for our clients by presenting the facts in a professional manner with excellent documentation and with the negotiating skills learned over a long career of solving tax and financial problems. Call us to learn if you qualify for “heartfelt” relief from the tax man.

Appealing a Tax Agency Decision or Action

Just because they said it doesn’t make it right! Often times a lower level tax examiner will make a mistake. Perhaps the examiner was misinformed, or was uninformed, or perhaps they do not fully understand the facts at hand in the case. Every once in a while an examiner may make an incorrect decision because of an ulterior motive.  The tax Agencies know this happens. That is why they have “senior” examiners and agents that deal solely with appeals.

As you might expect the rules and regulations for filing an “Appeal” are, yes, even MORE complex than the regular tax rules. That is why relatively few appeals are filed and why even fewer are successful. We have the knowledge and experience at successfully filing Appeals at the IRS and the DOR. Wouldn’t you like to know that the bad decision made against you could be overturned? Call me now to set up you free consultation.