Back Taxes

The IRS is actively pursuing and prosecuting “Non Filers”. Tax penalties for not filing your returns only make a bad situation worse. Once the penalties start accruing, they will only continue to grow.

We deal with many individuals and businesses who have found themselves in the same position as you are. Weather you are a small business or an individual we have the tools, skill and experience necessary to help identify and accumulate information to accurately prepare your old unfiled tax returns. We recently helped one individual taxpayer file returns as far back as 1995. In most cases the taxes from late filed returns were much less than what the IRS had estimated and accordingly, the total cost of resolving the tax problems was much less than as well.

The good news is that we possess considerable experience in this area and can work with you to identify the best options available.

Personal Income Tax Problems

Unable to pay the balance due of your tax liability? There are several options available to repay or eliminate the balance due.

grinderPayroll Tax Problems

Failing to pay payroll tax is a serious issue of delinquency; primarily because the monies have already been deducted from employee earnings in the form of withholdings.

It is always best to be very aggressive about resolving payroll tax liabilities. We can help.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

If you have unfiled Income Tax Returns, you are not alone. There are thousands of individuals who either consciously chose not to file or misunderstood their obligation to file. The reason for not filing doesn’t matter. Complying with the Tax Laws does matter.

The first step is to file. If you do not file, the IRS will make up a tax return and file it for you. You cannot resolve your tax problem until you file the proper returns.

The second step is to work with the IRS on a payment agreement/payment plan you and the government can both live with.

Thousands of additional agents are being hired in order to make sure the government receives what it is owed.

If you think the IRS will just go away, we hate to break it to you… they will not. Eventually they will “show up at your door.” It is much better to show up at theirs!